Pretty in Pink: Vintage Style Dresser

I've seen so many gorgeous pink painted pieces that I had to have a go myself! I bought this little console table as I liked the detailing on the drawer which I thought would hold some nice dark glazing or dark wax, and I love the cute castors which are expensive and hard to find otherwise.

I gave the piece a good clean with a de-greaser and set about sanding the top down. I like to keep some natural wood on most of the pieces I do, and as mostly they are veneered pieces I can usually remove the veneer from the top to reveal the solid wood underneath, or sand the polished finish off the veneer that can then be stained and finished. This time I sanded the veneer and stained it a noce scuro shade which translates to dark walnut - the stain is water-based and has sealant in it so there was no need to add any further protection on top.

For the based paint, I used a DIY chalk paint mixed from Luxens ciocolatto marrone no.5 - I did 2 coats of this so that when I distressed the piece after applying the pink, some of this neutral colour would show through. The pink topcoat is a custom mix from Luxens red, the same base coat (to make it a little dirty), and white. I applied this using a chalk paint brush, not paying too much attention to getting it into all the cracks as I wanted a distressed look anyway. I applied two coats of this, letting each one dry in between, then the styling begins!

I used a wet brush distressing technique, which essentially means I sprayed the dresser with some water that reactivates the chalk paint to make it soft again, then the brush is able to remove some of the pink paint to reveal the ciocolatto marrone undercoat, and even remove some of the base coat to reveal the original wood in parts as well.

Once I was happy with the distressing, which was light on this piece, I applied a coat of General Finishes Flat out Flat top coat. I used this as I wanted a soft waxed look but with slightly more protection than wax, and I wanted to used a dark glaze on this piece. The glaze was mixed from a General Finishes clear glaze base mixed with a small amount of a light coffee brown paint - I wanted a fairly light glaze and I thought this would work well. I applied the glaze liberally in sections before wiping each section with a cloth to remove the excess - the point here is for the glaze to settle in the details and crevices to add an aged look. After I'd finished all this I did end up adding a little dark wax to further enhance the details - the fun and beauty of chalk paint, glazes and waxes is that you can usually add more and take some away if you've added to much, so it's fun to play!

I added a few little vintage key stencils just for some extra cuteness and detail - one large one on the bottom shelf and smaller ones on each side of the drawer which are only revealed when the drawer is pulled out. I also lined the internal drawer with a pretty white and pink paper that has a tacky back so I was able to simply trim it down and stick it where I wanted it!

The original knobs were cute (I'll keep them for potential revamp and use elsewhere), but one of them was chipped, and I found some I loved in Maisons Du Monde that I wanted to use somewhere - I wanted to add a bit of glamour to this piece and these pale gold vintage style knobs were perfect for this. And lastly, the castors were dragged out of dullsville with some antique gold Rub 'n' Buff; it was a little bit fiddly to apply without getting it all over the wheels themselves but makes such a difference to hardware and castors like this - I love this stuff!

I've mostly styled this as a vanity or dresser for the photos here, but right now it's being used as a console table in our conservatory which works well too! Who else has pink furniture in their house??

Thanks for reading!

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