A little Festive Cheer! #notinstaperfect

I love decorating for Christmas - usually I'm not allowed to decorate until after my husband's birthday which is at the beginning of December (and yes he did just turn the big 4 0 which is not what this display of unreasonable grinchy-ness might suggest!), but this year we had people to stay for his birthday so I did it early on the grounds that if I'm going to decorate, I want people to see it!

I do not have an instaperfect home with 4 trees stuffed with ornaments, 11 wreathes, huge Christmas signs, or lots of decorations sponsored by different stores, but I still thought I'd share some of the festive cheer I try to spread about my house!

I think it's nice to have some Christmas in lots of different rooms even with just an ornament on a bedside table or a string of lights over a mirror. I usually buy a decoration or two each year so I've built up a nice collection for our tree, but I also like to try to buy things for Christmas that I can also use all year round - so some lights stay up all year, I decorate natural wreathes that I already have with Christmas ornaments or bows, fill cloches or glass bowls I use in the summer too with pine cones or festive candles. Anything metallic always looks festive, and adding ribbon bows in festive colours can make any candle holders or glasses Christmassy.

I also like to bring in things from the garden which at this time of year look festive - holly, berries, fir branches, pine cones. This biggest one is my 'branch tree' which I cut a few years ago, sprayed white and cemented into a plant pot - I'll need a new one next year probably as it's starting to look a little lopsided but I like to have a 'tree' in the room where we eat as well as the living room and this is a nice alternative.

Anyway take a look at some of our decorations!

I bought this little carousel at a market in Padova in Italy a few years ago - it's Christmassy but also a cute display toy all year round and my little son loves it as it plays a tune and turns! I made the family advent calendar last year from what I think were thimble display shelves - I added some more little shelves as the compartments were twice as big so there wouldn't be enough for all the days of advent, they're just glued in. I made the little flap doors from felt which are also glued in.

I made this tree fairy a few years ago using pipe cleaners, wool, felt, ribbon and book paper folded for the wings!

I talked about this paper flower Christmas wreath in another blog post!

This wreath was just a cheap plain one that I decorated with pine cones, hessian ribbons, cinnamon sticks, and orange and lemon slices that I dried on a very low heat in the oven, all wired together!

This twig wreath in the bathroom has some little silver balls wired to it and I bought the big snowflake in the middle from Maisons du Monde.

You can't see very well in the image but the lights are tiny little snowmen - so cute and festive!

Merry Christmas!

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