Lonely Lamp Seeks Romantic Makeover... And Gets It!

I'm sure you've all got things around your house that you've had for ages that are suffering from a little lack of love - that was this lamp. I've had it for many years, it was cheap, it's uninspiring. It wasn't actually being used anymore as it didn't warrant a display spot, so I decide to give it a quick makeover.

I thought about making a new shade for it, but didn't want to do that much work, so I went for adding some romance to the one I had. I used a belt hole maker to punch some holes in the shade so I could thread some organza ribbon in white around the top - I sniped the ribbon at an angle into a point so I could get it through the small holes, but it was a bit fiddly but I didn't want to make the holes too big. I simply ties the ends together to secure the ribbon. This isn't glued on in anyway so if at some point I want to change the ribbon I can - I was thinking of a grey satin ribbon instead but organza white was what I had!

I also attached some embellishment to the bottom of the shade - I was going to add more ribbon but decided I wanted some hardware. I did want some nice crystal drops (well plastic but they look like crystal) but I didn't have any and I have to order stuff like that online. But I did have some cute old keys, some beads and wire, so I make these little hanging ornaments which again are just hooked into the holes so I can change them if I want at some point in the future! I went for less is more here and added 3 ornaments but more would be ok too!

Finally, I added a little stencil to the shade - I just used some white chalk paint for this and applied the paint using a little make up sponge. I didn't tape the stencil in place - it was only small so I just held it steady while I dabbed the paint on, but this could be a massive error if it moved so where possible I always tape the stencil down!

As for the base - I really like nice wooden lamp bases that are all romantic and distressed but these can be very expensive, so I used good old chalk paint that will paint over anything apparently. Well it will, but it took a few coats to get good coverage and I'm sure if this got any knocks it might chip off - I did paint over perspex and chrome so that's not surprising but I'll just have to be careful! I used a grey chalk paint and finished it off with a good layer of white wax directly onto the grey chalk paint - I used a small brush to apply this as I liked the distressed look from the brush strokes and there were a few awkward nooks to get into.

Et voila, a few bows later and we have a little shabby romantic makeover for my lamp which now is sitting proudly in my dining room instead of at the bottom of a cupboard!

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