Pumpkin roasting :)

I've never grown my own pumpkin before but I consider myself to be a fairly competent gardener...hmmm maybe keen but a little lazy! Anyhow I planted a pumpkin plant in our veg patch this year because I love roasted pumpkin, yumsville! The short update is we have a pumpkin! Yes 1! This plant is massive, sprawling leaves everywhere, tendrils reaching out all over the place, we have only 1 pumpkin! 

However... it is a mighty fine pumpkin, it looks just like the ones I buy in the shops 😊👍 OK so some bug seems to have eaten into a tiny bit of it but I'll just chop that bit off, that's what growing your own veg is all about after all. This pumpkin is currently roasting in the oven having been chopped and seasoned, minutes away from deliciousness...

5 minutes later, check out the roasted pumpkin, highly recommended veg 👍 

Would I grow it again, no.  It's great to grow your own veg but I need things that have greater yield to space ratio and I can get this exact same pumpkin in my supermarket for €2 - crazy cheap - I live in Italy... is it that cheap everywhere? It's autumn and the Halloween season coming up soon, so I am definitely looking forward to all the beautiful pumpkins that will be available for display then, and maybe some more for roasting and a pie or two as well 😀

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