Craft Projects


Create your own Funky Nail and String Artwork!

I always love to try to make my own art for the walls in our house - I am no artist so I draw the line (boom boom) at trying a landscape oil painting, but so much art is easy to create yourself!

Here I'm going to show you a piece of fun nail and string art I created from stuff I already had around the house.

Wasted Wine Box to Lush Light Box

I love to come across old food produce tins and boxes in used goods stores – they’re so versatile and really add a unique touch.  Now, I tend to buy something if it’s too cheap to pass up and I love it, even if I’m not absolutely sure what I’m going to do with it (hence the groaning garage full of stuff waiting to be revived!)....

In the Kitchen with the Candlestick

I've had these candlesticks from Ikea for a long time - in fact one of them was a 'gift' (ahem) from my good friend (she knows where it really came from)! Anyway they just didn't have much pizzazz so I thought I'd try out some of my new chalk paint from Amelie Prager, and play about with dark wax.


Crusty Copper to Showstopper: Cleaning up a Copper Display Bowl

I LOVE copper!  If you take a look at some of the photos of my house on this site, you'll see it popping up time and time again!  I have a few copper items and I'm a bit of a devil with the copper spray paint, but it can be expensive to buy copper pieces, especially shiny new ones!


DIY Paper Flower Festive Wreath: Brother Scan N Cut Excitement

OK so this machine is a little specialist, and I know not too many people are likely to have one lying about their house, but I got one for my birthday (thank you husband 😊) so I thought I'd show you my first make with it!


After a big storm, nearly all my plastic terracotta coloured planters blew off our balcony creating a huge soil-y mess and shattered plastic everywhere.  Bearing in mind these planters had soil and plants (albeit some very dried out old....